Reflections of Videos: 21st Century Learning & A Vision of K-12 Student of Today

Hi Readers,

After recently watching two videos titled 21st Century Learning and A Vision of K-12 Students Today my perspective on teaching and its methods have shifted some and realigned to what I believe is truly needed in schools today,that being relevance. What I got from the videos or rather the picture that I believe they are trying portray is that when it comes to teaching today teachers need to focus on using methods  that are relevant with current resources(new technology,  knowledge, theories and understanding) and teaching skills that are relevant with the current and expected future skills needed. I feel that they are trying to instill in teachers and in future teachers to use methods that are relevant (such as computers, tablets, cell phones and multimedia programs)that students of today can relate to,  have experience with and that will help prepare them for the future that they will eventually move into. If I could relate their ideas to something it would be to a teacher teaching students how to write or chip on a stone when we now type and write with ink and led, its irreverent! The second video really resonated with me, where students in a spoke about the technology they use and are exposed yet it wasn’t being utilized nor did the some of the teacher capitalize through it use.Moreover that the info the teacher were giving was going over the students head because of its methods.

        21st Century learning                The videos along with the picture i found above also connected with me as with something i recently observed. My niece who recently turned three years old. I recall the many times she asked for my smart phone looked through my various apps found the game she wanted play or played the song she wanted to here and I contrasted that with my mother whose a little over 50 who struggles to do the exact same thing. This observation speaks to me and it says that this is a new generation who are exposed to new things and have acquired or have the ability to acquire new skills that the former generation struggles to obtain at a more advanced age or level of development.

               Furthermore, these videos also helps me to think and it prompts me to prepare myself and to search for ways to integrate my content and curriculum in a way that is relevant, in a way that uses technology and that promotes a higher order of thinking and learning in my students. Now currently in a teaching with technology class I look forward to finding and learning ways to integrate the various programs and software available that I can use to grab my students attention and produce a higher order of thinking and learning( such Understanding, analyzing, applying, synthesizing, and evaluating). The challenges I see facing teachers today is finding ways to integrate the technology and its tools with the content- in the time we have with our students. Also school funding, and finding alternative for students  in low income areas. However, with great effort and a wholehearted honest attempt I think we as teacher can overcome every challenge! Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment.

Yours Truly,


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3 Responses to Reflections of Videos: 21st Century Learning & A Vision of K-12 Student of Today

  1. Jessica Garcia says:

    I agree that as a teacher one can find it difficult to find ways to integrate technology in lesson plans, but I’m wondering if a bigger issue is the fact that some teachers are not aware of the technology that is available. I think that there should be optional yearly workshops for teachers who are not well-versed in 21st century technology. 

    • Kareem Polite says:

      I agree with both your points! Though some teachers -especially the aged- are afraid to indulge in technology and because of tenure they are able to deny attendance to such without consequence. And again it goes into funding because some of the workshops are costly to host/attend. But again great points, thanks for sharing.

  2. Lydia Lugo says:

    I agree the younger you introduce technology to children the faster they grasp the concepts and become more  efficient. In a world the is based solely on technology it is important for educators as well as students to be proficient and comfortable with using technology.  

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