3D Printing

Hi Readers,

I recently explored the new technology(or more so new to me) known  as 3D printing. 3D printing allows one to print an 3D digital object (found online or created through a software) into a 3D physical detailed one. The current leading printer used to complete the printing process is known as the Replicator 2. Because of the size, cost and low level maintenance of the printer, 3D printing is made available for use at home, school and/or at the workplace

After finding about this technology I explored two websites that allows you to create objects for 3D printing named Tinkercad.com and Thingiverse.com. Tinkercad.com is a website that allows an individual to create and design an object that he/she desires to print. At the workplace(the platform used when creating a piece) objects, shapes, letters and numbers are available to be used, manipulated, joined and/or arrange in anyway desired to help form/build the object envisioned in a 3D form. It also allows you to rotate the camera giving you various viewpoints as you build and edit your piece.

Thingiverse.com is site that offers something a little different. It gives it’s members access to over 30,000 “things”(3D objects) that current users created and uploaded. These “things” can be used for inspiration or used as an template to customized and personalized. Unlike Tinkercad.com it doesn’t give it’s users the option to start from scratch. Contrariwise, it give the users to ability to use finish work as foundation to build upon.

After viewing the different “things” and going through the different simulations on the sites, I’ve decided that I will create a 3D object of my own. The 3D object I decided to make is a tablet stand. Although already created and easily purchased at a electronic store, I find interest in designing my own unique/personalized stand. I find a stand needful as I use my tablet. Oftentimes I find it hard to type and try hold my 10 inch tablet at the same time when I’m writing an email or note. There also has been times when my hand got tired as I watch a video on youtube or netflix and at times when I searched the web. Thus, a tablet stand would be very useful for me. Moreover, it can be useful for my future students if I’m in a school that has the funds to provide tablets for its students in the classroom. So I’m excited and am looking forward to the process of creating and designing my own personalized tablet stand. I’ll be sure to post a picture of the finish product.

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