3D Printing: My Thing

Hi Readers,

I’ve completed my 3D model for 3D printing. As stated in a post I posted about two weeks ago I created a tablet stand. Below are a few pictures of the process and final product:

Stage 1

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 2

Final Stage (side angle)

Final Stage (side angle)

Final Stage Front view

Final Stage Front view

The After concluding that i wanted to create a tablet stand I got the inspiration to my design by looking at a previous model. The KJP I use for the back of the stand are my first, middle and last name initials. I completed this model on Tinkercad.com. To complete this modeled I used a wedge, three manipulated boxes and three letters. The hardest part in creating it was lining each component up to make a solid stand, making sure the letter laid on the wedge correctly and that the gap was wide enough to fit a tablet. Overall I enjoyed the process, especially I saw began to see it all come together. . Creating an object for 3D printing can be very useful in real life thus I look forward to using this technology in my future classroom. And Hey until then I might just make another thing, if so I’ll be sure to share.

Thanks for reading,


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