Digital Images in the Classroom


Digital images can be used in the classroom to teach students about various things. A picture can tell us a lot, as the old saying goes “a picture can say a thousand words”. Thus pictures can be used as another way to bring information into the classroom in a form a textbook can’t.

The picture I posted above is a photo is an example of how pictures can be used in the classroom. I would use this picture in my classroom for a lesson on symmetry. Without stating the concept of symmetry I would show this picture to my class and ask my students: what do you see when you look at this image? Is anything similar? different? Hopefully students will pick up on the fact that certain parts of image looks the same in other areas . Then I would introduce the idea of symmetry, the different types of symmetry. I would then revisit the picture and ask the students what type(s) of symmetry does the image have(ignoring the text I inserted and then with them). I would also probably use other pictures with various types of symmetry to get the students exploring and learning how to differentiate the types of symmetry. Using images like this would be a great tool to teach students how to discern the types of symmetry, teaching a skill that hopefully would translate when students are required to analyze graphs of functions in terms of symmetry. This is just one of the many ways picture can be used in the classroom. I encourage teachers and my fellow soon to be teachers to seek out pictures that could be useful in the class. Thanks for reading.


Any comments/suggestions? please comment below

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