Notes of Life

Notes of Life
(Piano Music by ~karl683)

Hello Reader,

My name is Kareem Polite. I’m currently a student in my senior year at York College studying an undergrad degree in Math Education(7-12). Thus far my journey of becoming a teacher has been interesting. I’ve had great professors who have helped expand my knowledge about teaching, set great goals for my future students and prep myself for my future job. I chose this career path because it mixes two of my passion and a great like of mine. After having teachers in my life who inspired me in my youth to make something of myself and to live a productive life I became inspired to work with youths in like manner. That mixed love to teach and the great like i have for the subject of math helped me to chose the type of career i want for myself (math education).   As a future teacher I look forward to having a great impact on every student i come in contact with and the opportunity to be able to help guide some students through the instructions and example i that they may become productive and successful citizens.

Beyond the pursuit i’m in chasing my dream i also love music. I currently play Keyboard/Organ for my church. If i wasn’t going to be math teacher then I probably would’ve became a music teacher. I also love to play and watch basketball. My favorite basketball team is the New York Knicks (GO KNICKS) . I also love my family and I love God these things has helped and continues to help me guide my life. So if you will follow me as i continue my journey to success and to promote success in others. Thank you for reading and thank you for coming to my blog. Please feel free to comment all opinions and constructive criticism is welcome! Enjoy!


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